Guy B. Palumbo

Reverse Mortgage Specialist - NMLS# 1846343

Phone: 718-215-1639
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Guy B. Palumbo is an experienced business manager and developer with a diverse career. He is retired from the US Army, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and served in leadership positions in two combat zones.

For 21 years he operated a real estate brokerage firm in Queens, NY and a mortgage brokerage business in both New York and Florida.

After meeting all business-related challenges in those business fields, he worked in the black car/luxury industry and held various positions at the director and Vice President levels. In addition, he established 2 not-for-profit industry associations and served as their Executive Director.

These experiences enable him to better understand and assist Senior Citizens with their goals and needs while gaining their confidence, appreciation and trust to do what is right and best.

Guy has returned to the mortgage industry specializing in Reverse Mortgages bringing with him his knowledge and experiences along with a true self understanding of how Reverse Mortgages can greatly assist Senior Citizens.