Jason Black

Reverse Mortgage Specialist - NMLS# 996362

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Jason Black began his career as a mortgage loan originator out of college in 2005. He quickly learned the business while building relationships with third-party vendors, referral sources and most importantly his clients. He maintains many of these relationships today. He has seen the ups and downs of the mortgage industry including the credit crisis of 2008 which caused the mortgage industry to undergo intense reform that provided a sturdy foundation for the industry to move forward in a positive direction. Loan Originators were now required to become licensed through a National Licensing System including testing, background checks and continued education that continue with yearly requirements. This helped to remove any unscrupulous individuals from the industry.

In 2012, Jason learned about Reverse Mortgages through personal experience. He quickly realized how valuable of a tool it was. It offered new and very flexible options that he was able to witness firsthand by watching how it helped his grandfather avoid being placed in a long-term care facility and instead live out his life in his own home. This provided his whole family with peace of mind. It inspired him to learn everything about Reverse Mortgages so he can help other families the same way, and that is exactly what he has done.

In 2015 the Reverse Mortgage Industry was reformed, and the new Financial Assessment was put into place. Seniors now needed to demonstrate an ability to keep up with their financial responsibilities as well as maintain the integrity of their home. This proved to ensure a strong future for the product to remain available for those who would need it in the years to come. Rather than abandon the program as some did, Jason chose to embrace the changes and become an expert in the new and improved, stronger and safer Reverse Mortgage. Since then there have been several updates and revisions to the Reverse Mortgage industry, each time strengthening the product and its future. This includes the most recently enacted laws in NY state as of March 2020 which put into place more safeguards for seniors and Reverse Mortgages.

Jason currently resides in Queens, NY where he is an expert in the Reverse Mortgages Industry, specifically in the NYC and downstate NY area. He lives with his wife Milena and their 6-year-old son Benjamin.